Our Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Safety comes First

We take safety very seriously. We at MRL Global believe in Prevention is better than Cure. Most injuries are preventable, and everyone has the right to go home safely. We aim to model a safe working environment in all areas of our business from safe environment in our warehouses, offices and our drivers on the road.

To ensure the safety of our workers and others, we are continually  investing in a new safety measures and processes and implementing the latest in safety technology. We ensure our people are appropriately licenced, knowledgeable about their duties, fit for duty, and skilled at loading and manoeuvring complex machinery.

The importance of Chain of Responsibility

MRL Global understands that Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is a fundamental part of looking after the safety of our workers, and all the people who work alongside us every day.

We manage CoR in a number of different ways, both internally and externally. This includes

  1. comprehensive policies and standards to manage fatigue, speed, mass, dimension and load restraint
  2. drug and alcohol testing consistent with Australian Standards
  3. performance metrics that take account of safety as well as efficiency
  4. incident investigation and risk mitigation
  5. pre-qualification, auditing and coaching and upskilling of our subcontractor fleet
  6. safety conversations with customers, subcontractors, and other relevant stakeholders
  7. customer education
  8. Keeping a record of CoR concerns and communicating to our Clients and Contractors where they are in breach of the CoR Regulations.


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