Receiving in Domestic Transport


in Domestic Transport



Receiving means that we will received your goods from your suppliers, agents, or you will drop off the goods to our warehouse facilities and we will accept your goods.

Receiving is a delicate and important part of the storage and distribution process. It is the first step in ensuring that the stock entered into the system is counted correctly and entered correctly and that it matches the quantity on the receiving order documents provided to us.

We have over the years on many occasions experienced that what our customers have ordered and what they have received differed quite substantially and if it weren’t for our well trained and diligent staff our customers could pay for a stock they never received and could cost their business thousands of dollars.

Type of Receiving Services:

  • Obtain Receiving Order (Delivery Order) from delivery driver delivering the goods to us
  • Count and check all items on the Receiving Order (Delivery Order) to ensure matches what was actually received.
  • Any discrepancies to be noted down
  • Enter the quantities and items received as per our stock count
  • Upload the original Delivery Order and the discrepancies to our system for the customer to check and advise their suppliers, partners or agents.