3PL Warehousing and Order Processing Guide:

  1. Ensure you put in the orders in advance to ensure prompt order processing. Due to new restrictions, we are implementing AM / PM Shifts to help social distancing, minimise staff interaction and minimise our risk of any potential virus spreading between all staff.
  2. Please ensure all containers are organised in advance with our team to ensure we have appropriate resources organised for the AM or PM Shift.

Can MRL Global cater for NEW  3PL Storage and Order Processing Clients?

The short answer is Yes. During the pandemic which commence in 2020, many companies have moved towards 3PL Storage and Distribution and helped their businesses minimise their warehousing cost and labour costs quite substantially.

Enquire with us today by emailing our sales team – [email protected]

Visit our website: www.mrlglobal.com and watch this short video that presents our services: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgGByE2jIew