Detailed Track and Trace with Mapping Technology

MRL Global has a brand new track and trace capability which brings in some of the latest in technology to provide a more detailed and robust tracking capability to our clients.

1 . You can search from the address bar directly in your browser by typing below URL and entering the consignment number at the end of it. Highlighted below:

2. Once a result is displayed you can zoom into the map and see the suburb where the freight originated from and being deliver to.

3. Every stage of transport your freight travels through it is displayed on our website. From Pickup, through to Linehaul Scan, Onboard for Delivery and finally when it is delivered.

4. Once freight is delivered, it will display the name of the person who received the freight. This is for deliveries where a receiver has signed for the package. if its ATL, or No Signature Required or Covid19 restrictions, no name may appear.

5. A detailed level of tracking is displayed of the exact date and time of each event.

You can visit below link to see a real example of track and trace capability. Visit: