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Like our customers tell us, anyone can provide storage. However, it is the MRL Global difference that makes the difference.

Our philosophy in storage and distribution is quite simple, we believe our customers are very good at selling their own products and services and they require a very reliable and effective partner to manage their warehousing storage and distributions.

Utilising our warehousing experience and our unique warehouse management (WMS) software which was built in house from the feedback of our customer’s and staff’s requirements and the intuitive and future vision of the management at MRL Logistics our warehousing management system is very flexible and scalable.

Type of packages we can store: small needle for a builder through to a container size power generator for hospital and everything in between.

Storage Type: Shelving, Rack, ground space and combination of all.


Container Unpack is a service that requires, attention to detail and understanding the goods you are unpacking to ensure it is unpacked and stored away in the most time efficient and safe manner possible.

Below is some of the services we provide for unpacking containers.

Type of Unpack Services:

  • Unpack any size containers
  • Re-pack the goods from the containers in FIFO or LIFO order
  • Barcode label boxes and pallets upon unpacking
  • Unpack heavy equipment up to 7 tonne
  • Unpack drums and IBC’s?
  • Unpack boxes
  • Palletise and put away in storage
  • Store in shelves

And many more

Do you require your containers to be unpacked, and provide a full, random, selected range stock take to ensure the quantities match what was ordered? We definitely provide this service and this has saved thousands of dollars for many of our customers as a result. Refer to our Receiving services we provide for more details.


Receiving means that we will received your goods from your suppliers, agents, or you will drop off the goods to our warehouse facilities and we will accept your goods.

Receiving is a delicate and important part of the storage and distribution process. It is the first step in ensuring that the stock entered into the system is counted correctly and entered correctly and that it matches the quantity on the receiving order documents provided to us.

We have over the years on many occasions experienced that what our customers have ordered and what they have received differed quite substantially and if it weren’t for our well trained and diligent staff our customers could pay for a stock they never received and could cost their business thousands of dollars.

Type of Receiving Services:

  • Obtain Receiving Order (Delivery Order) from delivery driver delivering the goods to us
  • Count and check all items on the Receiving Order (Delivery Order) to ensure matches what was actually received.
  • Any discrepancies to be noted down
  • Enter the quantities and items received as per our stock count
  • Upload the original Delivery Order and the discrepancies to our system for the customer to check and advise their suppliers, partners or agents.


What is cross docking?
Cross docking is a logistics procedure where from products from a supplier or manufacturing plant are distributed directly to customer with no handling or storage time.

We can receive your orders from your suppliers or manufacturers, and replace any invoices, labels, or packing slips with your nominated invoice, packing slip and label it as your company. This enables your customer to receive your goods with your paper work on the freight they receive without knowing your suppliers or manufacturers details.


Whatever the need, we can pick orders to suit any requirements. We can pick full case, split case, pallets or individual items from inner cartons. We will pack orders using our in-house packaging materials or packaging materials provided by our customers for custom packaging for marketing purposes or products requiring specific type of packaging. Finally, we will labels the order for freight despatch which is linked to your warehouse order online and you can track the status of your order using our online portal.


At MRL Logistics we have the ability to generate barcodes or scan using your existing barcoded products into our system and update inventory at pallet, outer packaging, inner packaging or item level. Whatever the need or requirement we can assist.


We the ability to record and process inventory using FIFO (First in First Out) or LIFO (Last in First Out) system. Ability to store at item level, inner box level, pallet level or a combination depending on different products. Expiry and Batch information capture to ensure stock inventory is processed with minimal products being expire or incorrect batch being processed.


We have the capability to receive and process returns into our facilities and update our system and inventory accordingly. Returns has many areas and requirements and it is important that a thought out process and work flow is designed for each customer from the time the person placing a return request to the time we receive, process and dispatch the return back to the manufacturer or supplier and finally updating the details and providing a report to our customers.

Returns services include:

  • Returns submitted online
  • Returns collected
  • Returns received and checked
  • Returns disposed where required
  • Returns processed for dispatch to the manufacturer or supplier
  • Final return report submitted to the customer and available online


Stock Taking is a very important part of the Warehousing and Logistics supply chain management. It is important that Stock Taking occurs at least once a year to account for all products and ensure there are no anomalies and it enables once a year to better understand which products are selling more or selling less. This helps our customers build and plant better for the future and manage stock more efficiently.

Our customers usually perform stock take before End of Financial Year and some of our customers perform quarterly stock take due to the wide range of products they sell.